Australian Citizenship Test

Google is intended to help people who are preparing for 'Australian Citizenship Test'. Site was designed with more than 350 questions carefully taken from 'Becoming an Australian Citizen' resource book. All test questions will be based on the content of this book. It is highly recommended that you study the book prior to making a test booking.

The actual citizenship test is a computer based test in english test, which consists of 20 multiple choice questions. Test includes 3 mandatory questions. The test will have a pass mark of 60 per cent including correctly answering all three mandatory questions.

The questions in the test are about Australia's values ,Australian history, culture and geography Australia's national symbols and emblems, Australia's parliamentary system of government and the responsibilities and privileges of being an Australian citizen. A pass mark of 12 out of 20 is required.

Becoming an Australian Citizen
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Required chapters of official handbook have been reproduced in their entirety in this documentation.
More than 350 questions
More than
350 questions*
The questions were carefully taken from every important part of the guide. We have made every effort to include everything which is important and that to reduce repeating questions making it easy for you to learn.
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We made these pages as simple and friendly as possible. Similar to the original test our Interactive Practice Test comes with 20 questions and you have 45 minutes to complete. This gives you plenty of time to choose your answers and check them again before the end. You do not need to rush to finish the test quickly; remember to use all of the time that you are given. When you start a test a counter on top right corner of the page will show you how many minutes remaining. When you finish answering all questions click on "FINISH" button on the bottom of the page, you will then be informed whether you have passed or failed. You will also see the questions once again with correct answers so that you can check it against what you have answered.

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